Demi-chan wa Kataritai 11

Episode 11 of Demi-chan wa Kataritai begins with an ideological challenge to the way Takahashi-sensei supports demi-humans, or colloquially, demis. It’s a familiar concern, particularly when it comes to personal relationships. “Helping people makes them dependent.” Perhaps it’s even more familiar as rhetoric used to criticize anything from welfare to “safe spaces” in America. But without getting into the… Continue reading Demi-chan wa Kataritai 11

First episode impressions of 3 magical girl shows from a complete newcomer

Even though I wrote about Madoka last week (which now that I look back on it was basically just an overview of Madoka’s interest curve), I haven’t actually watched a lot of more traditional magical girl shows. And while Madoka is very moving, sometimes I’m just too tired for more despair, so here’s a short post about… Continue reading First episode impressions of 3 magical girl shows from a complete newcomer

Madoka and Escalation of Tragedy

A recent post by Karandi got me thinking about Madoka. In it, they note that throughout most of the story, Madoka has the role of an observer, watching her friends dive into the world of magical girls, and that this difference in perspective doesn’t necessarily subvert the genre so much as reframe it. Rather than watching magical girls… Continue reading Madoka and Escalation of Tragedy

Little Witch Academia (TV) Episode 6

When I first started watching Little Witch Academia’s TV adaptation, something struck me as a little strange. I kept waiting for Akko to suddenly learn magic and save the day like in the original movie, but apart from finding the Shiny Rod in the very first episode, that never really happened. Certainly, she saves the… Continue reading Little Witch Academia (TV) Episode 6